Monday, 8 August 2016

Sinclair's Picnic

Every year Sinclair has a picnic for their employees at the refinery.  And they serve steak.  DELICIOUS steak.  It was good.  The kids loved it.  They also got as many ice cream cones, snocones, cupcakes and popcorn as they could eat. The climbing wall and the water blow-up slide were the hits with the kids.  There was also face painting and other things too.  Ana was working, and wasn't there.  She's working at Buck's Grill this summer as a waitress.

Elena at the top!!!

Sebas at the top!!!

Isabel at the top!!!

Leo also made it to the top on the hardest level. 

Lando only made it that far before being a little scared. 

Elena and Jubal--so cute!!!  We stayed till the bitter end and were among the three last families to leave, the other two were also huge LDS families. Hee. Hee.

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