Monday, 16 November 2015

Halloween Part 1

 The elementary school finally changed their dumb letter/grammar themed Halloween parade to an AWESOME book character themed parade.  Most kids still wear their Halloween costume of course, but that is so much easier to make it work.  Sebastian went as Harry Potter.  He had been home sick with laryngitis and had watched the first couple movies while laying on the couch recuperating and was more than happy with the idea.  I loved the idea because I bought a scarf and the glasses, borrowed a tie and he wore a cloak I'd already made and his Sunday clothes.  Easy-peasy.
 Another winner--Isabel as Dorothy--this was all my sister Amy. She made this costume a couple of years ago and sent it to me recently.  She had sent red shoes and a wig too, but Isabel's hair is already perfect and the shoes were too big, but ta-da, I found some sparkly red shoes at Once Upon a Child just in Isabel's size.
 Elena was The Little Mermaid as depicted in this book (I love the illustrations in this one, but be forewarned, a lot of the mermaids don't wear shells.)  So the long black hair vs red.  I'm not a fan of doing Disney movie costumes anyway.
And another picture because I feel like it.

 Elena was not happy because she was worried about not being able to be in PE with out clothes to change into.  The teacher was explaining it to me.  I had already got it the first time from Elena, and just wanted a picture, but so such things go.  Elena did manage to join in PE with clothes from the nurses office.  I did bring her clothes as well, but apparently it was immediately after the parade and by the time I walked home and walked back it had already started.
 I was planning on taking mermaid pictures of the girls at the beach, and even had planned on going down with good friends of ours that homeschool, but remember Sebastian's laryngitis? Well, that turned into croup in Jubal and Nicolas, which then somehow morphed into strep throat in Sebastian the next week.  So no trip to the beach.  I'm still sad about that.
 Another pinterest trick that only worked on that one side of Elena's face.  Oh well. It was cool.  This was for the ward Truck or Treat by the way.

 Sebastian makes a great Harry Potter.

 And Jubal won best costume at the Trunk or Treat.  I felt kind of bad because Sebastian won best costume for that same one when he was little, somebody else should have won.  Like my friends who dressed in Mexican traditional dress and their baby was a piñata.  Or my friend Britney's family who's husband was a weatherman, she was a rain cloud, one son was a volcano, another lightening, and another was a tornado. I wish I had photos.  They were adorable!

 And yes, I have no pictures of Lando.  Oops.  But remember the spiderman costume?  Well, he didn't take it off day or night for about 3 weeks, so I was so used to it that I didn't take a picture.
Ana was a soccer fan.

 And a few more cute pictures of Jubal's fierce face when he found a sword.

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