Sunday, 15 November 2015

Coolest Park on the Planet

 Just before we left Katy, they opened a new park in Cinco Ranch, not too far our house (10 min drive about).  It seriously is the most amazing park ever.  I know this is an overload of photos of it, and nobody really cares, but if I'm ever in charge of planning a park(???), I wanted it for reference.
 First of all the whole thing is fenced in, and while a bigger kid can easily get out, toddlers cannot. It has a water feature that Elena was playing at.

Cool climbing rope thingy, and bridge with a piano stepping planks built in.
 Awesome swing.

 Jubal was off.  It was high 90's that day and I was surprised my kids played that long. October was HOT in Katy this year.
 The dry river bed with stones that the kids can rearrange and play with.
 Most of my older kids played here the whole time.  The blue blocks are constantly being built into different things.

 Roller slide that Nicolas loved.

 Blue blocks turn up everywhere.
 The blue blocks can actually slide onto the green and yellow flexible poles and you can build things there too.
 And there's rocking chairs.  From Crate and Barrel.  Can you say oil money anyone?
 Sebastian displaying how hot he was.
And adorable Isabel.

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Kayli said...

Totally fun! If I were in charge of a park, I would DEFINITELY hire you to plan it all. And Sebastian's picture was a little concerning, because he did look dead.