Tuesday, 29 September 2015

We had AUTUMN!!!!

 Leo and I went hiking in Wyoming while we were house hunting.  And we had AUTUMN for a whole afternoon!  It was so exciting!  Usually we may have a couple of days of autumn here in Houston during December, but it's not really the same as most of the trees are evergreen oaks.

 We had a picnic lunch at this lake, but we didn't stay and hike because Leo left his coat in the car at the airport in Houston, and it was cold!  As in, snow on the ground cold.

 So we headed back down from the 10000+ elevation we were at and hiked around for a little bit, and then we were going hike along the Platte, but it was all private property.

 We actually took at nap in our car and then headed back to Saratoga and walked along the Platte at a park there and saw the hot springs.  I can't wait to bring the kids in the middle of winter!

And it was a beautiful afternoon and I loved every minute as I talked Leo's ear off of all the decorating ideas I had for our house that we had just made an offer on.

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