Monday, 21 September 2015

The Wilds of Wyoming

 Pictures of the house we bought in detail for Kayli and Andrea.  And so we have the "Before" pictures ready to go.  We've already planned our next 10 years of renovations. :)  The back area we'd keep as our study and add bookshelves to make it more library-ish. And hopefully a window someday.
We might keep no carpet here and put another table and have a kid craft area.  You can never have too much space for art, right? And Leo and I actually love those doors too.  Maybe some glaze on them to update them a bit, but still, they're staying. :)

 Ana's room.

 The sauna.  Soon to be Kami's sewing closet.

 The toy room/Kami's sewing room/Leo's workout room. It's big.  It will all fit. :)
 Food storage room!  Love buying from an LDS family!

 Garage.  The kids saw this and thought we got to keep the ranger.  Sorry kids.  But literally everyone in town has one, so they can make friends with anyone and catch a ride.

 Living Room.
 Dining room (in the back).
 I plan on keeping the cupboards.  I like them.  I'll just change the hardware and maybe give them a glaze coating.  Need to read up on that.

 So very, very pink.  It's A-MAZING.
 Elena and Isabel's room.

 Sebastian, Nicolas, and Jubal's room.

 The hallway linen closets.  Yay for closets!
 Master bedroom.

 Master bathroom.
 Front yard.
 Front of house.

 Backyard--the property goes to the electricity pole.

 That house is the only house behind us, after that it's just bluff and hiking trails!  Sigh of happiness right there.

The view from the rocks. You don't see it but there's also a shed off to the left that's ours.  And that's it.  SO exciting!!!  Seriously, I'm floating on air.  I feel so, so blessed. Everything worked out so perfectly, it's awe inspiring to me.  I just feel so loved and taken care of, because I couldn't have planned it better (Leo's job, his job paying for relocation AND the closing costs on our house, qualifying for a rural development loan so no down payment, finding the perfect house right in our price range--which yes, needs updating and a backyard, but if it had been updated we couldn't have afforded it, and it's in a super nice neighborhood, and Leo and I had a wonderful, fully paid for weekend getaway/house hunting trip--the first time we've been away by ourselves since having kids, and the house came on the market just two days before we got there, so in a very high demand market, our trip was perfectly timed for this house, and the house has TONS of light, and fits everything we needed and wanted--sewing room, study, room for food storage and exercise equipment, storage space in general, beautiful view, and it's so wonderfully sunny there.)  

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Lynn said...

I saw your post on Facebook. I was so curious I searched 70's homes in Rawlins. haha. Couldn't find pictures...
Of course you would have all the details and pictures here! Duh! I am SO excited for you!!!! Look at ALL that glorious space and storage areas. Whaaa...I miss our 70's home for that reason alone.....that and it took 20 years to get it the way we wanted in the end. ha ha. Anyway......envious of your new home and adventures! Keep us posted. Sounds like the Lord is very mindful of your family right now. :) Congrats!