Sunday, 21 September 2014

Post-Pregnancy Hormones

Yes, this is really my hair color now.  Really, truly. 
 Leo said I look like Gandalf the Grey, I said Storm (of the X-Men), Isabel said I look like Elsa and Snow White (Snow White because of the short hair), and a whole ton of people at church said I look like Marilyn Monroe.  Although one person said Christina Aguilera.  I think I look like what happens when post-pregnancy hormones are going crazy.

So I can't lose weight overnight and suddenly fit all my clothes again, and I can't change the fact that I live in Texas, and I can't change a whole lot of things, but it is definitely empowering to be able to wrap my head in saran wrap and change my hair to a splotchy silver-gray with orange patches and a slight purple tint.  It helped me feel better anyway, or maybe it was just the day spent locked up in my bathroom away from my kids and responsibilities that was alleviating.  Either way, it was worth it.


Andrea said...

That top pic is gorgeous--even though the hair color is . . . still growing on me.

Lynn said...

I absolutely LOVE it!