Thursday, 18 September 2014

Late Night Hair Dye Plans Gone Awry

Imagined around midnight or so Sunday night.  

Results Monday afternoon.  

(Left:Me on Sunday.  Right: Me on Tuesday)
The stupid thing is, it didn't even lighten it that much, just made it slightly orange.   So, what should I do now?
(And I need to remember to put on lipstick before selfies.)


Lynn said...

It looks great. Although I know you wanted it much blonder than that. So sorry.....I have no idea. I do have to say that you are braver than me when it comes to dying hair! I use to do that all the time. All kinds of crazy colours. Lost the fearlessness somewhere along the way. Too chicken to colour my OWN hair now.

Anonymous said...

Try toner. That should help take the brassiness out of it! Good luck lady!

Lindsay Ann