Sunday, 14 September 2014

It feels like Autumn.....

1. The weather has been so nice and cool the last couple of days, it actually feels like autumn!!!  LOVE it!!!!!!  This is a complete oddity for where I live, and I'm enjoying every second because I know it will end as soon as that cold front passes on.  Sorry about the snow Calgary, but I love the 70 degree weather here in Houston!!!

2.  I haven't met my goal for this week of finishing the boys' Halloween costumes, mostly because I decided to hand appliqué them instead of machine, and hem them by hand too.  Ruff.  Hopefully it's worth the work.  I think it will be as Sebastian asks me every day if his is finished.

3.  I have pictures, and lots of them!!!  For starters, what happens when Sebastian plays in our craft box:

4. This week has been a little rough.  I cried thoughout the entire movie of Wall-E, if that gives you an idea of what I mean.  Also, I should just hand over every credit card, check, Paypal password, nickel, dime, and penny etc, to Leo when I start to feel this way.  At least I could be responsible in knowing that I am not in control when emotional and take action that way. I'm excited for my new hats anyway.  And books.  And picture.  Yep.  You see the problem, right?

5.  I wanted to upload a video of Ana singing Lollipop but I can't, at least not in the first thing I tried, because the video wasn't public.  You'll have to get on Facebook to see it.  Trust me, it's worth it.

6.  I love Nicolas's big brown eyes.  And the fact that he's always happy.  Except for right now.  Right now, he's screaming and kicking his door because he doesn't want to take a nap.  By the way, he had to wear a BYU jersey because BYU beat the University of Houston AND the University of Texas this  past week.  Sweet!

7. Leo got a haircut and we had fun styling his hair beforehand.  It was ridiculously long. 

 This was his Wolverine look.

 And this is where Lando got his curls.
8.  I took selfies today too.  (Well, Leo doesn't take selfies, I took his photo.) My hair had a 70's vibe going--well, it had already lost some it by the time I took these photos.  I looked all nice today, but then stayed home with my three boys because Sebastian is sick--he slept till 12:30 PM.  And Nicolas is acting sick too.  Joy.  I hate having sick kids.  It's almost better to be sick myself.  

9.  We went to our ward's sock hop last night.  It was so fun to dance with Leo.  The little girls were dancing all night.  So adorable.  

10.  And now what you've all been waiting for--pictures of Jubal:

11. I got my first commission to make a costume for someone.  I'm excited! I mean, I've made costumes for people before, but I've never been paid before.  Nice.

12.  Leo took the kids on a 3 mile walk yesterday along the bayou.  It was the perfect weather for it.  I was helping decorate for the sock hop.

13.  That's all.  I'll try to take more pictures of Jubal.  Ta ta.


Kayli said...

Jubal is so cute in the tub!! I'm glad you took a couple pictures of him at least. ;)

All your boys are so cute. And you did look nice today. You look all naturally gorgeous and stuff.

Andrea said...

So a few thoughts. 1) Sebastian looks cool with a feather stuck to his head. 2) Lando really does look like Oskar. 3) Leo should NEVER slick down his hair like that. 4) Jubal is huge--and adorable. 5) You remind me of the girl in Top Gun. I approve.

The end.

Anonymous said...

I like the pic of Jubal in the car seat. He is a cutie!
I love your pic when you are serious. Beautiful!!!girl you. I need someone around with Facebook --- why did you move Lindsay????? I want to hear Ana singing Lollipop!! A sock hop --- I want to come!!! sounds like fun. Instead - go buy ice-cream ----- it's much cheaper!!!!! :)
Love you. Miss you.