Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Shoes and Other Things

I never thought I was a shoe person.  I really don't care that much about shoes, at all.  But that was before I saw Miz Mooz shoes.  Seriously, I would buy them all!!!!!!!!  Well maybe not all.  But close.  
 I mean just look at this perfection of a shoe.  Seriously I love it.
 I love it in blue too.
 And this is the perfect color of green.  Kelly green.  The only color of green that I wear.  Beautiful.

 And this, well this is delectable.  And really is the start of this whole rant of a blog post.  My friend Dorothy had a pair of these shoes and every time I saw her at church and she was wearing these shoes, I told her how cute they were.  And then Dorothy moved this week, and she left me a pile of shoes outside my door.  Including these ones.  Isn't that the nicest thing ever?  I was a bit shocked actually.  Anyway, they're a touch small, but I plan on wearing them anyway.  And just for your viewing pleasure, a few more adorable Miss Mooz shoes.

 I would wear these everywhere.  I love the color and the style.
 I don't think I'd actually wear these, two inch heels are my limit.  But if they had a tad shorter heel, I definitely would wear them.  Love, love, love them.

My Miss Mooz shoe obsession began with these boots by the way.  Aren't they perfection?  Another friend of mine has a pair.  

In other news, I exercised today, took Jubal to the Dr. for a well child check (he weighs 11 lbs) and I read a book.  It's hard to exercise with kids.  Nicolas was sitting on my head while I did child's pose.  They should make a exercise video with the reality of exercising with children someday.  Trying to do push ups while kids sit on your back wanting pony rides.  Trying to do the exercises on the ground but your kids are laying right next to you, so you can't move your arms.  Worrying about kicking a child while doing leg raises, etc.  It would be amusing at least.  

Also, I've added the Orkney Islands to my bucket list (well, I would, if I had a bucket list) but I really would like to visit someday.  I read National Geographic's article about this Neolithic site there and it was fascinating, so then I looked it up to find out more and found this great documentary (the narrator has a cool accent, makes it even more fun to listen too.) Really you all should watch it.  
And for another fun documentary, there's this one about the Battle of Agincourt.  It's really hard to find good documentaries you know.  Basically the Discovery Channel and History Channel are mostly junky, stupid reality shows, and good documentaries are few and far between.  Blah.

And Kayli took pictures of her kids and it's appalling how old they've gotten.  Craziness.  But here's a few shots, because I made the vest for her.

And that's all.  Chao.

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Anonymous said...

LOve the shoes. And yes, you are on the path of a shoe aholic!!!!! haahahahahaaaaaaa! You and Derek can go to shoes AA together. hahaahaaaa.
Love you.