Saturday, 9 August 2014

Catching up

 1.  I love this picture of Isabel and Leo.  Love it!
 2.  The kids reading before bed.  Isabel joined in too.  I love this too!
 3.  Playing dress up with our next door neighbor.

 4. Our fish, Spencer.  Yes, Isabel named a fish Spencer.  Odd.
 5. These are backwards in order, but I'm too lazy to put them right, or even to make a separate post for Nicolas's birthday.  But he was given this awesome water toy by his abuelitos.

 6.  Leo's parents came last weekend and stayed overnight on Saturday and went to church with us on Sunday.  So we celebrated Lando's birthday early with them.  Lando was SOOOOO excited.  Especially while we were singing Happy Birthday to him.

 7.  We gave Leo his birthday presents too, he got a headlamp but it was broken already!!!  Ruff.

 8.  We gave Lando some new shoes for this fall and a soccer outfit.

 9.  Martha and Orlando also brought an ice-cream cake.  YUM!
10.  Jubal chilling.
11.  On Leo's real birthday, he got a t-bone steak that was delicious!  And then we went and swam with our friends, the Bodines, and had German Chocolate Cake.  It was a really fun night.
12.  The rest of this week has been nice.  Leo went to work on Wednesday, but they sent him back home---to take care of me!  His job is really nice sometimes.  So in total, he was able to work from home for two weeks.  I think this is the most pampered I've ever been after a pregnancy.  First my mom here for a week, and then Leo working from home for two weeks.  Heaven!  
13. Ana got back from Nauvoo last Saturday too.  The first thing she told me about the trip was that she was glad two weird boys weren't in her group that had been before, and that her favorite part was riding on the bus so she could hang out with her friends.  At least she's honest.  She did say she had a good time though.
14.  I have been trying to take pictures of Jubal for his birth announcements, but the weather hasn't been cooperating.  I wanted natural light and it's been overcast and gray, at least during the time that it shines in the rooms that I usually can get good pictures in.  Ruff.  I also have been trying to make a new dress for me to nurse in, but I was going to make this maternity dress, but it definitely makes me look preggo and I can't decide if I'll just be disgusted with that and not wear it, or if it's worth it to have another maternity dress IF I ever have another child. (Jubal's not helping matters--he's much more fussy than my last couple of kids.)
15.  Ana also had her high school swim team tryouts this week and she made the JV swim team!!!!  WOOT!!! WOOT!!!!!
16.  Leo just got asked for references etc, from the job he applied to in Rock Springs, WY!  Yes!  One step closer.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.


Kayli said...

Jubal looks soooo sweet!! I want to hold him! All my babies get gunky eyes too.

Lando is soooo cute! I love the picture of him looking in the box with his mouth open in amazement. :)

Spencer is a great-looking fish--and trust me, I don't say that about very many fish.

I'm so glad you blogged!

Andrea said...

More pictures of Jubal, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lando looks a lot like Oskar. Weird. Get the job, get the job, get the job.

Ana--awesome book choice in the reading pic. I approve.