Tuesday, 17 September 2013

I've been on a photo kick.

 Isabel chose a cake for FHE treat and I let her decorate it.  But then Elena, Sebastian and Ana helped as well.
 It was delicious--sour cream frosting.  Oh, so good.
 Sebastian is quite the artist.  He loves to color and paint.  More than any of my girls.
 He loves his Captain America cape.  It's the only one he'll wear. Although he was a bit disappointed to find out that he couldn't ACTUALLY fly with it.
 I love the glasses.
 Isabel helped me take apart the chairs I'm reupholstering.  It took me four hours each chair just to get the upholstery off.  I've since sanded down the legs, restained them a different color and applied one coat of polyacrylic.  Does it really need two coats?
 It was hot.
 Oh my goodness--Nicolas is so adorable!!!!  He's been so happy lately.  And he loves to crawl over things.  Constantly.  He crawls from one end table to the other across the back of the coach over and over again.  It's really goofy.
 I love LOVE his curls.  And Ana's hard at work.
 And I adore his big brown eyes!
 He discovered he could push the step ladder and walk.  So exciting.
And Elena's hard at work helping with the dishes too.  And this is only the beginning of MANY posts of the all the pictures I took in the last week.  Aren't you excited?!?!?

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