Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What's Up?

 I know, I know, I haven't posted in forever.  But for good cause.  First I had an unexpected lap chole.  Now I had the intended tonsillectomy.  Not fun.  Luckily, I have Leo around to make me laugh.  Ana and Elena have also started swim team with practices everyday after school.  It's busy.

 For some reason, all these pictures seem blurry to me.  Blah.

Sebastian flexing his muscles.

Nicolas is so cute and squishy, and I just adore him.  :)
Elena has been so much happier with swim team on, I think because she's tired out, she goes to sleep quicker and gets more sleep.  Hmmm....we might have to keep her busy somehow.

It's so hard to take a picture of a kid crawling as fast as he can towards you.
Look at those curls!!  I love them.  I may never cut his hair.
He is so good natured.  What a blessing.
This is his "Contemplating the universe" pose.
See his one-armed crawl?  He uses his forearm to pull himself forward and pushes with his toes.  Sometimes he holds a toy in his other hand and looks like a bull rider, holding it up in the air as he crawls.

Don't you just love baby chub.  I do.
And this is the painting I borrowed for my lesson on Sunday.  A guy in our ward had it commissioned--it's entitled, Family Reunion.  Perfect for the Lorenzo Snow lesson about family, which started off talking about a family reunion.
You can see in the painting members of the family who are on the other side of the veil.
There's a lot of symbolism in the painting but the frame part on the right side actually symbolizes the veil.  Anyway, I thought it was really cool.  Too bad my lesson wasn't that great.  Note to self, have more questions prepared to ask the class.  Sigh.

From Facebook:

Observations on a tonsillectomy (yes, round two of surgery this month.)
Tonsillectomy=salivating like a St. BernardApplesauce is good.Brushing your teeth is terrifying.Do they use sandpaper on your tongue while in surgery? That's what it feels like. (Actually I think I have thrush).My post-op nurse asked me if I wanted the rest of the dose of Morphine. And I said no. She grimaced and said, "Do you realize you were making this face while you said that." Ha. Ha. Then I said, "No, I hate morphine, it makes me loopy and itchy." And she said, "And apparently as white as your bed sheets."

Oh, and the pre-op nurse had me filling out paperwork and in the middle she stopped and asked me if I
was a nurse. When I said yes, she said, "I can always spot a nurse."

And just to let you know how not bright I am, Leo picked up my prescription on the way home from the hospital. He gave me my pain meds the first day. The second, I took one myself in the evening and noticed how few of them there was left. Then I READ the bottle (brilliant, eh?) and noticed that it was only filled for two days, which is weird because the 3-5th days are supposed to be the worst. The name of the drug was not one I was familiar with, but I thought that was likely due to the fact that it dissolved in my mouth (so I wouldn't have to swallow) and so was not the typical pain med. Then this morning, after not sleeping last night, I looked it up online. was Zofran. I had had no pain meds at all since the hospital. I made Leo call the doctor's office to call in a prescription for me (because I knew I'd start to cry) and then two wonderful, wonderful women in my ward picked it up for me, picked up my kids, fed me a popsicle and put me to bed. And I slept all the rest of the morning and into the afternoon. I have the greatest ward ever here.  I feel much better with a bunch of narcotics in my system.  ;)


Lynn said...

Wow. I am SO sorry to hear about all your surgeries and pain you've been in.

We must be totally related when it comes to Morphine. I've been on it myself in the last 20 days. I guess I'm allergic to it as well.

I LOVE that painting! So cool! What a great Sunday School Lesson idea.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Your kids are growing up SOoo fast!

Kayli said...

Nicolas is SOOO CUTE!

I'm sooo sorry for your sad throat!

That is a cool painting, and I wish I could have been there to hear your lesson.

Andrea said...

Lando is ADORABLE--those eyes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Nicolas is adorable. And so nice to have a happy happy baby. I see Leo is doing well also hahaha.
And yes, it is the physical work (exercise) that Elena needs as you and I have discussed at length - not the sitting long hours. What to do thought eh?
Glad you are feeling better and eating some.
Love you and can't wait to have you home. Mom