Sunday, 5 May 2013


I've been meaning to post about Elena for a long time.  And then my friend sent me these pictures of Elena and her daughter at a school relay walk thing they had on Friday, which was perfect for my post, so then I couldn't delay any longer. And no I didn't go, Nicolas was sick and I was babysitting for a friend.  

And this I am adding because I cannot believe the amount of TEXAS stuff this girl brings home from Kindergarten.  Worksheets and worksheets and coloring pages upon coloring pages about Texas armadillos, bluebonnets, cowboys and longhorns.  And the state flag.  And the state of Texas colored in the colors of the state flag with bits of torn up construction paper.  And well, you get the idea.  
I'm not sure what she wrote on that first line.  But wow, Texas never ceases to amaze me in all their Texas glory.

And this is the first note Elena ever wrote me.  Sad isn't it?  (Remind you of anyone, Natalie?) 
Luckily she wrote me this note too, a little while later.  :)  I can't wait till Elena is a teenager......
And this is a picture Elena made me.  It's sideways, the mermaid and the dolphin are both jumping out of the water.  

It's really fun to see Elena start to read and write, she's getting so big.  Life goes by too quick.

In other news, Saturday at 4:30 AM I went to the ER with abdominal pain and had gallbladder surgery around 10 AM.  I was supposed to have a tonsillectomy this Monday.  But I think I'll wait a bit now before I have that.  I'm doing all right, I guess.  And I was going to elaborate more about Elena, but I think I'm going to go lie down instead. 


jt said...

What in the world? Surgery? I can't believe we didn't talk more tonight. I'm sorry about your gall bladder. Call me tomorrow if you can.
Those notes are AWESOME! Keep them coming, Elena. said...
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