Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sebastian's Three!

 It should come as no surprise that Sebastian had an airplane cake.  Actually, he wanted a helicopter cake.  I didn't want to attempt that.   He was so excited.  Even when he saw the pieces of cake cut out before it was frosted, he was jumping around he was so happy.  
 Coconut is my salvation when it comes to cake decorating.  It hides all the runny icing filled with crumbs.

 Do you like how we wrap presents?

 And I guess that face means he loves it.

I've been trying to convince him lately to say that when he grows up he's going to be a doctor and then buy his own plane, but even with extensive coaching he still says a pilot. Sigh.

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Kayli said...

That face.... wow! :)
And now Talmage wants an airplane cake and toy airplane. He told me if I find an F-15 I should buy it for his birthday. Noted.