Sunday, 3 March 2013

First, five billion pictures of my gunky nose, droolly boy.  I was trying to get a picture of him eating his feet.  But as soon as the camera came out, he stopped sucking on his toes.

This kid always wants to be eating something.  Always.
Yuck, drool.
Look how huge he is!
And this is exciting--to me anyway.  A friend gave us their old kitchen table,which is actually a bit shorter than our old one. It is wider though, and more importantly the legs are at the corner, so we can fit eight of our chairs around it.  Well theoretically, we only have six.  Whereas our old table, the legs are not at the corners and it was always awkward trying to fit more chairs in.  Leo asked me what I was going to do with the old table, and at first I didn't know.  I let the kids play "boat" on it in the living room all week, and then finally it hit me.  Sewing table!!!!!!

So this is my new sewing/food storage/master bedroom layout.  Seriously, I love it.  I think you all ought to pin this, as the REALITY to all the pins like these.  Seriously, the third one down says "budget friendly."  Ha.  Really, my buckets do serious multi-tasking work, holding our food storage AND acting as shelves for various sewing projects.

But check out the drawers on the right--that used to be my desk.  How's that for a pinterest project refurbish?!?!  Hee. Hee.  I had my old desk from when I was12 as my sewing desk, but it was falling apart.  Leo managed to salvage it when we moved in here with a bunch of screws. Anyway, I still wanted the storage, of course, so he cut off the desk part which was the decrepit part, and left me with my perfectly useable drawers.  The drawer over my legs had fallen out a couple months ago, and was just sitting on the floor.  Anyway. it's perfect.

Remember Elena's lemur that went missing several years ago?  Leo helped his parents move last weekend and guess what he found?  Well, obviously, you're looking at it.
And these are my new lamps.  Clearance+$10 off coupon at JCPenney.  Yeah for light in our living room!

And this was Elena and Isabel last night.  So cute.
And some Facebook tidbits.

On the way to church this morning we discussed going to the beach instead of church in our church clothes and I said, "Well, what if we went to church in our swimsuits?" and Isabel said, "The prophet would say, 'Get out, you scalawags!'"
Leo and I were both laughing so hard.

I played Oregon Trail with Elena, Isabel, and Sebastian tonight. Isabel starting crying hysterically when she contracted cholera and then Sebastian started crying with her when we were caught in a severe thunderstorm. Elena wouldn't hunt because it was too sad. Wow, Oregon Trail is even more entertaining with kids.


Lynn said...

lol. You are funny. And so real. Love it.

Your sewing/food storage/master suit is kind of like my sewing/guest/craft/don't know what to do with it room. Ha ha. Oh....except for the fact I CANNOT sew! Ugh. Useless room really. For me anyway. ; )

Andrea said...

Love the pinned sewing room colors. Awesome. I definitely think pinterest could use a few more doses of reality.

I read Isabel's comment to everyone and we all had a nice chuckle. I was trying to imagine President Monson calling you scalawags. Hee hee.

Eli threw up today and has a really sad sore throat. We aren't letting him near Oskar but since he held Oskar often yesterday, I think it might be a little too late. Sigh.