Sunday, 31 July 2011

Saturday Night Disappointment

Leo and I went to the Real Salt Lake game on Saturday against Columbus Crew. It was terrible, Columbus Crew scored two goals on Real in the first 10 minutes and that was pretty much the game. Sniff. Sniff. Not only that, but Real played awful the first half, like they were already kicked. The second half they rallied and that was better. I definitely need to go to another game, so I can watch them win next time. :)

But oh well, the reason we went was because I needed a cultural experience for my Spanish class. And sitting with the Barra Real counted as a cultural experience. Sah-weet!
It was not as noisy or boisterous as normal due to the awful game, but the band still played the whole time. Maybe baseball would be more exciting if they had a band play with a trumpet the whole time. Probably not though.

It was fun. And probably for the best that I didn't end up having a hoarse voice from shouting "¡Olé, Olé, Olé! the whole time because they stunk so there was no need to shout.
Just kidding, I wish I had had a hoarse voice and that Real Salt had won. Real Salt Lake till Death! (As many of the shirts said. Hee. Hee.)

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