Sunday, 12 February 2017

Life since Efraim was born

Leo stayed home for a week.  That was heavenly.  People brought us meals. Also heavenly.  Then Mom came on Sunday and stayed till Thursday.  I LOVE when my mom comes to visit.  She cut all the boys' hair.  Cleaned out under my kitchen sink. Made us yummy brownies.  Did ALL my mending (which I hadn't touched for almost 2 years).  Corrected my children while they did their piano practicing--this was much needed, as I don't play the piano.  And basically did everything while I just got to sit and hold Efraim.  Yay!!! She also had a long conversation with Dad about our dog and said, "I don't know who to get after, the dog or Jubal.  Frodo nips at Jubal and Jubal nips right back at Frodo!"  Ha. Ha.  True story.  Also as I've mentioned before, they wrestle like litter mates.

And random, but here in our little town, they put birth announcements in the paper if you want (they ask you at the hospital).  So why not, we did.  But then it was weird because I went to the library for something and the librarian congratulated me and knew Efraim's name.  And then our neighbors brought us a gift.  Small towns, I tell you, I'm not used to them yet.

Anyway, I also took a ton of photos of Efraim one day.  So enjoy. And FYI, I was playing with all the different settings, so that's why some are weird. And yeah, I'll never be a professional baby photographer, but oh well.  And my AWESOME cousin's wife Kristi made the absolutely adorable baby bear hat and blanket.  I LOVE them.  So perfect.

And Jubal.

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The Haws Family said...

My favorite is the one of his face snuggled into the brown blanket with the hat on top. Super cute. I like the brown. Very manly. I might make you send it to me so I can do a photo shoot. Although, maybe I'll be cool and someone will make me something by that point. Also I just bought Molly a dress from Old Navy because it was on clearance for $6 and now I want to send it to you and have you make a pattern from it because it is stinkin' ADORABLE on her and I love love love it so much and I don't think it would be too hard. Elastic on the back half. Straight in the front. three quarter sleeves. Swing skirt. Two buttons around the neck. I'll send you pics. Lots and LOTS of pics once I order a new camera tomorrow. Thanks.