Monday, 6 June 2016

News this past month...

Jubal is a terror.  I seriously cannot leave him for 1 minute alone.  He has so much energy and is so crazy.  Good thing he's cute, or I might leave him in the doghouse.
Ana was awarded MVP for her varsity team in soccer and lettered.  She also won a bunch of sportsmanship awards and academic athlete awards for keeping her grades up!  YAY ANA!!!  She did awesome this season!!!

Ana with her coaches at the awards banquet.

We also got kittens this last month.  Merry and Pippin.  Leo's not a fan of them, and I kind of got them without his approval, but we have mice in the garage so I'm hoping they'll help with that eventually.  I don't regret it either, my friend was just telling me that she has mice in her house!  Yuck!
And Elena and Isabel have been playing baseball.  Leo's been Elena's coach.  I signed him up to volunteer thinking he could help with scorekeeping or something but they made him a coach.  He's never watched or played baseball before.  He didn't even know what and umpire was.  Yeah, we won't be doing that again.  Plus, they are super hardcore here, they keep the kids' stats from the year before and do a draft pick.  That's way too intense for me for elementary school kids.  Yuck.

On Memorial Day we went to the ward picnic which was super fun.  The kids played outside for five hours nonstop!  I even got to play a little softball (I was the only woman playing) and my batting was awesome.  I love when guys don't expect me to hit well.  Too bad I can't field well.  That kind of kills it.  But I was wearing my Chaco sandals and took out my foot, I think I jammed my big toe or something and across the top of my foot next to my toe has been swollen and painful since then.  In fact, I just took off my sandals, and that foot is still significantly swollen and painful enough that I'm still kind of limping.  Ruff.  Also I dropped a picnic table on that foot the week before that and I think I broke one of my other toes.  My foot has been all shades of lovely purple lately.

Last Friday we had friends over for dutch oven and stir fry cooked over the fire in our newly made fire pit.  That was fun.

And that's my news for this month.

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