Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Bathroom dilemma

I know there's a lot that should be keeping me up at night--my to-do list fills two white boards in our hallway, but what's bothering me the most is how I should redecorate our pink bathroom. Maybe it's because of how much other stuff I have to do that I'm retreating into this unnecessary train of thought. Either way, here you go.  Lest you think me totally ridiculous, I am scanning negatives while typing this.  However, I could be sewing on buttons to finish Elena's dress, or working on other projects that have a due date in the next two weeks, but I'm hoping by posting this I can also get this out of my head and move on.

 So the blue bathroom is planned and I already bought the pink and tan and blue shower curtain.  (I love you Target!) I even know the wall color now.  Assuming when I test sample it, it all looks good.

But the pink bathroom, well that is a headache.  

I had an awesome shower curtain from Target that inspired me,  this one in fact: 
I totally could have worked with it, because it would have tied in the pink but been mostly a nice soothing (not overwhelmingly bright) shade of green and cream.  And this is what I built the bathroom in my head around.  I took out the shower curtain from this mock up, but it was there.  
And now I don't know what to do.  I keep going brighter and boho (which I think will be too overwhelming in that bathroom) or shabby chic, which isn't really what I want either.  I just can't find the right balance in my head between the two.  And I wish the bathroom had a window.  That would make things easier.  

So here's the two competing ideas.  

This is the somewhat Shabby Chic version.  I still kind of want to hang up a shower curtain just because I think that will be an easy way to pull in a lot of other color.  (There's no shower in this bathroom.)  But then I think, what a pain, I already flip ours out of the way when bathing the kids, why have one when you don't need it?  But then I guess it could provide a little privacy since a lot of kids will be sharing this bathroom. I don't know, that's something I'm still debating. But anyway, shower curtain for color--possibly I could do wallpaper, but that opens a whole other can of worms (finding the perfect one) and I already looked at stencils and discarded that idea (I only like really elaborate ones).  Anyway, so main idea here is silver and a blue and pink and old mirrors and hand mirrors to decorate the wall behind the tub.  A shelf with pretty bottles above the toilet that will be completely useless except I like pretty bottles (true story, I had a bottle collection when I was a kid.) And you get the gist right?  

Okay, so a lot similar, I still love the mirror idea. And it's not as bright anymore as I pictured it before. But more earthy/ethnic with the baskets and fabrics and accessories.  I love this fabric that I found--BUT I don't know what the heck to do with it!?!??!  It's home decor fabric (medium weight) and I don't think it would be a good choice to make a shower curtain out of, that's for sure.  And I love the idea of crocheted shower curtain (which would absolutely serve NO purpose then, because it wouldn't even provide privacy) but where would I use the fabric to actually ground the room in normal colors?????? I could just cover canvases with it, 2 or maybe 3 long ones.  Or one huge one. And put those above the tub.  It's just not looking right in my head though. And then where would I put my beloved mirrors?  And fabric canvases with bohemian curtain just is too cluttered.  It's killing me I tell you.  I think because really I like this version more, but it just doesn't work yet. I cannot pull it together!!!  ARGGGHHHH!  

Version 2 works.  I could totally make that work, but while I like it, I'm a little worried it's too effeminate and I don't think Leo will like it because of that, and it's just a lot different than the rest of my house (in my head).  

Now do you understand why I can't sleep at night?!??  Ideas are greatly appreciated here.  Oh, and walls will most likely be off-white, or in the case of v2--I'd paint them white.  
The end of crazy rant #8902.

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Lynn said...

HA! I thought I was the only one that did this. ;) I am feeling your pain these days. I am excited for you and all the changes. Can't wait to see what you come up with in the end. I like some of your ideas already. Advise? Come back to your post here in a couple of days of even a week. Watch what happens in your head. IT works for me!