Thursday, 26 June 2014

SeaWorld Pictures

 This was from one of the shows.  Our favorite show was Azul, with the beluga whales and dolphins. The killer whale show was good too, but they had tv screens showing other stuff while the orcas were jumping and that was really distracting.

 Sebastian was really cute--he went running up to Shamu and gave him a hug.
 I really liked the aquarium.  Mostly because it was air-conditioned and had benches to sit on.

 The kids loved all of it.  I think the most fun for me was watching their faces in the shows.  They were just enraptured.  :)
 This last picture I just stole from the web.  It's the play area in the California Sea World.  Very similar to where I lost half my kids in San Antonio.  Sigh.


Kayli said...

So so so so so so so so so cool!

Andrea said...

Awesome. Ana, you look fabulous in my favorite color. Rock on, girl.