Tuesday, 29 April 2014

13 for Tuesday Morning

1.  Ana's team is still undefeated.  They're pretty happy about that.

2.  Elena has hand, foot and mouth disease.  She came home last Tuesday with a fever and hasn't been back to school since.  Yesterday she actually ate some solid food again, so I'm hoping she'll be okay in a day or two since Nicolas took only two days to recover fully once he started eating again.

3.  Having sick kids is not my cup of tea.  Elena's a bit overdramatic all the time, but with her being so miserably sick, she's been weeping and wailing and moaning and groaning.  And not quietly either.  It's like fingernails against a chalkboard to hear her.  I have a tough time being empathetic while hearing that.

4.  Isabel and Sebastian have been doing good in swimming lessons.  They love going and are excited for swim team to start.

5.  When Leo realized last night how long I'll be spending at swim team practices for the next month and a half, he asked very concerned, "How are you going to survive?"  I think I need to pull out the crockpot so I don't have to worry about dinner.  Anyone have some good recipes or site to recommend?

6.  Leo has a job interview tomorrow!!!  For a job in Greeley Colorado!!!  I'm so excited! No pressure, Leo, no pressure.

7.  I had an "epic fail" class last Thursday.  I must prepare better this week.  Sigh.  I was teaching centered, lapped, and invisible zippers.  And I completely messed up the lapped zipper.  I have no idea what I did wrong or how I typed up the instructions wrong, but I told the class to throw those instructions out.  That's seriously how bad it was.  Then I was so nervous, plus rushed (Leo was at home with the sick kids, but he really needed to be at work) that I inserted the invisible zipper backwards.  Errrr.....  It was an awful class, several people left completely confused, and here I had promised that zippers really weren't that bad.

8.  Nicolas is so adorable (since he's happy again and not sick and wanting to be held 24/7).  We have a bright yellow car that Leo commutes in, and now every time Nicolas sees ANY yellow vehicle he starts yelling, "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!"  He gets so excited--I just want to kiss him forever.

9.  I love my new tablet or slate or whatever you call it!!!  Seriously, love it!!! I've been spending most of the swimming lesson time transferring stuff from my day planner to my tablet.  And I downloaded some apps.  Yes, I know I'm years behind the times, but I felt cool.  :)  Hee. Hee.  Yeah for the Gospel Library!  And actually I bought my first app yesterday.  It's called Paprika, and it's a recipe organizer, menu planner, and shopping list app.  I love it!!  I have all the ingredients for the usual dinners I make listed in my day planner (so if I was out and about and decided what to make for dinner, I'd know what to buy), and this does all that and more and no more bulk of carrying around a big day planner!!

10.  I've been harassing Leo to harass his relatives for pictures and information for a photo album I'm making on Shutterfly for his grandparents.  It's going to have a family tree with all their descendants and then it has pictures of each of their kids and grandkids and great-grandkids.  It's not been a fun task for Leo.  And he has to do it, because I don't speak Spanish.  Anyway, the other day it was open on the computer and the kids were looking through it.  Isabel came across the page of Sergio Fernando, Leo's cousin who is a bullfighter.  She started kissing the screen and said, "Oh, he's SOOOO handsome!  I want to marry him."  I think it was the clothes that won her over.  ;)  But once again, I am seriously worried for when she's a teenager.  I won't trust her around any guy with tight stretchy clothes.....

11.  Also, we found out that one of Leo's cousins named her baby Geronimo.  Seriously, why were we thinking Oliver for this baby?  Or even Lorenzo??  We should definitely follow suite and name our boy Geronimo!!!

12.  In other news, I had a major pity party a couple of weeks ago (which led to eating of a lot of chocolate) because I am so ginormous this pregnancy.  I already weigh what I weighed when I delivered the last two.  And I'm only seven months!!!  Aghh!! Just thinking about it makes me want to break out that last bag of Cadbury eggs I have hidden away.  I think that's part of the problem--you know, eating a bag of Cadbury eggs everyday for the last two months.  Also, I haven't been exercising--in all my other pregnancies I exercised regularly.  And I've been eating non-stop--I'm seriously hungry all the time though.  Sigh.  Anyway, I had a major pity party because none of my maternity pants fit and I have to wear ted hose this time around--nasty varicose veins and all--so I went and bought three pairs of light-weight maternity pants and some sandals (to match the pants of course!) Only I couldn't decide about which ones to keep and Leo hated the sandals (too gladiator-like apparently) so then I returned them all except one pair of linen pants and bought DNA tests through Ancestry.com instead with the money, and I'm going to test his grandparents.  Hee. Hee.

13. After the non-sick kids and Leo returned from church on Easter  (just after I posted last) they hunted for their Easter baskets.  And everyone was really excited--love that!  But I didn't take any pictures!  Oops. Anyway, the little kids all got Schliech toys--Isabel and Elena, fairies, and Nicolas and Sebastian, knights.  Sebastian played with the knights the whole rest of the day, so I think that was a success.  They also got the Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter.  I really like those books.  Very fun.  And Ana got an egg with a note from the Easter Bunny explaining that her new soccer ball didn't fit in her Easter basket and it was coming through mail--yes, I forgot to get one till way late--anyway, she was super excited and has since received it and loves it!

The end.


candace said...

Thinking of you, Kami. Hope your kids get healthy sooner rather than later. Talk soon!

Lynn said...

These are all good Slow Cooker sites. However, my personal favourites are no. 3 and no. 4:

P.S. Hope your kids get better soon! Sounds pretty rough.

Kayli said...

Kami, you need to blog more frequently. Because it makes me happy. The end.