Saturday, 8 December 2012

Life is a Zoo

 These past two weeks have been so hectic and busy and life at home seems so contentious lately.   I don't even know why we've been so busy, we've had nothing on, but I've felt like I can barely keep up with regular stuff (laundry, dishes, dinner, kids' homework) not to mention holiday things. I'm so thankful we had another chance to take a break.  We drove to San Antonio Thursday night with Katie, Leo's coworker's wife.  Her daughter Sarah (10 months old) screamed most of the way.  But Katie was really nice, I felt bad for her, because I think she was embarrassed, but really, there was nothing she could do.  I think my kids were not sure what to think about a stranger's baby screaming, and so they were excellent the whole trip.   Leo had gone with José (Katie's husband) to San Antonio on Tuesday for meetings all week.
 So on Friday, with Leo still at meetings, I took the kids to the San Antonio zoo.
 We had a good time for the most part.  Ana was kind of sullen the whole day.  What's with teenagers? She was the only one complaining about eating lunch too.  But she sort of cheered up by the end.  She's helpful, but seems resentful the whole time she's helping.  Ruff.
 Green Mambas.
 A python.  They had way too many snakes at this zoo.  I will never go in their reptile house again.  Ugh.  Elena was pretty terrified of the Komodo dragon actually, and then after that, more easily frightened by other things, like the anaconda.

 This animal was pretty cool though.  I forgot it's name.
 And we watched the elephants eat pumpkins. That was fun.
 I remember these birds (if not their names) from the National Geographic Australia movie we had as kids.

 The weather was so nice.  It was overcast and even rained a bit once but I'm glad it wasn't too hot and humid.  I told Leo he needs to get a transfer to the San Antonio office, the weather is so much nicer.
 I really like the zoo, it's old and not that big, so it feels intimate. Several parts were built in the 1930's as government work projects and a few of the pens are built into the sandstone bluffs--it's really pretty.
 Yes, my kids were climbing on everything.  I had five kids all by myself, what do you expect?
 I liked these birds.  So fun. I think they were called lorrys. Yep, I was right, Lorrys.  I just googled it.

 I don't think I have ever seen this animal before. Whatever it was.
 There were a lot of flamingos.
 I, of course, had to tell the kids that they eat capybaras in Colombia. Although Leo says he hasn't eaten one.

 Isabel *loves* Komodo dragons.
And we ended the day with Blue Bell ice cream (because we're in Texas).  Yum.

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Lindsay Ann Rasmussen said...

Its an Okapi. They were in the Oklahoma zoo too. We loved them! wyatt wants to get one to own and ride....